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Finest Junk & Waste Removal Services in Pembroke Pines FL

We are the top junk removal company in town.

Our company provides junk removal services to homes, offices and commercial establishments. We are friendly, professional, and approachable and will help you safely remove junk from your property.

We promise to help you dispose of all non-hazardous and recyclable wastes that our experienced staff members can load on our trucks. No hassle, we will get rid of your trash! We will reach you within 24 hours of your request.

We pledge to use environmentally sustainable practices. That is why we dispose of waste safely and responsibly. We donate items that can be used again, and we recycle as much junk to reduce landfill overflow.

For more information or to make a booking, please give us a call or fill out the form on this page.

small broom and white debris bag leaning against a white wall
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Coupons and Discounts available!
How can we serve you?
100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
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When you trust us with your junk removal needs, the job isn’t done until you say so.

pile of yard clippings by a city street

Yard Waste Cleanup

We can help you get rid of any organic waste on your lawn. We do everything, from taking down an old shed and yard waste pickup.
pickup truck carrying mattresses and carpets

Furniture Removal

It’s time for you to give up on all your bulky furniture. Donate them to someone who is more in need and have junk removal pros remove them.
old appliances outside in street before trash pickup

Appliance Removal

You bought a new appliance and don’t know where you should put it? Contact us and we will pick it up and donate to charities that will use it.
messy construction site with tires and lumber

Commercial Junk Removal

We can take care of all the construction debris and any leftover materials. No matter what type of project it is, whether it be a renovation, remodeling, construction, or other, we are ready to tackle the job.

Overview of our Junk Removal Company

Are you searching for the best junk removal company? You don’t know who to trust when you need to get rid of your junk and old appliances. Do you need to clear space for office equipment? This is the place for you.

Your professional junk removal and cleaning company. We have a meticulously planned and organized process to remove all your waste, from collection to disposal. We don’t just do the job, we do it right the first time.

Our professional staff is well-equipped with high-powered equipment, specialized skills and professional manpower, which allows us to finish any job that we undertake. We are committed to providing the highest quality service and leaving a lasting impression. Your satisfaction is our reward.

You can reach us by phone or DM for all your junk removal concerns. We will be more than happy and able to assist with your questions and provide you with a solution. If you are looking for fast service and quality, contact us today.

Our business model

Once we receive your junk removal request, we confirm it and arrange a site assessment.

A proper assessment of how much junk is required to be removed will allow us to provide an accurate quote for our packaged service fee. For all of your waste removal needs, you only pay one price.

During the assessment, we ask our clients when they are most likely to have their junk collected and what method they prefer. The client can choose how they want the job done. We are also open to receiving special instructions like where to donate things that are still in great shape.

Once we have discussed the rates and other special instructions, we will arrive on time or earlier than the agreed upon time. After performing the agreed services, we then transport the item to the designated recipient or partner recycling facility.

We are also able to accommodate urgent pick-up arrangements. After an assessment is done and an agreement has been made, we can pick up. We are able to respond quickly to your needs and requirements.

So, what are you waiting for? You shouldn’t allow junk to distract you or ruin your home’s design. You don’t want your yard waste to ruin the view. You can save space by having junk taken away immediately.

street lined with old appliances waiting for pickup
They took care of all my appliance removal needs quickly, and worked around my schedule to make sure everything went smoothly. Their staff members are professional and courteous; I will definitely call them again
Marlon B.
Pembroke Pines Junk Removal provided a quick and efficient home removal service at a very good price - all with a friendly attitude from start to finish. I would highly recommend this company if you need junk removed from your home or business without any hassles or hidden fees
Leo H.
I needed my basement cleaned out before I could put it on the market for sale, and PP Junk Removal did the job well . Everything was recycled or disposed of properly - they didn’t leave anything behind.
Darin D.

Our Junk Removal Services

See below for more information about our top notch junk hauling services.

Yard Waste Cleanup

In summer, it is crucial that your garden looks great. The back porch and garden make great places for outdoor events such as barbeque parties. Your garden should not be cluttered with leaves, weeds, or other natural wastes during these celebrations. The good news is that there are solutions! There are solutions!One of the services that we can offer you is yard waste removal. This service will clear and beautify your yard. Our skilled technicians are friendly and can take away yard wastes such as leaves and tree trunks. We are also experts in the removal of other types, including soil, lumber and landscaping debris.We are proud to partner with recyclers because we believe in environmental sustainability. You can be sure that your garden wastes are being dealt with sustainably.
pile of yard clippings by a city street

Furniture Removal

Everyone has junk that they don’t need anymore. You don’t need an old couch, broken chairs, or an empty table to clutter up your home.Don’t allow your furniture to sit in the corner of your home collecting dust. You might be able to use the space you have left if it isn’t being used anymore.Furniture is a reminder of your past, but it will not be lost. Living with less clutter will make a big difference in your life.Apart from redecorating your home, you may also be able to add sections to it, such as a coffee nook that can be used for work-from-home or a mini pantry. There are many things you can do in your space. Don’t let it go!Instead of trying to sell it on Craigslist or giving it to someone else, why not hire a professional junk removal service? The perk of having us remove your furniture is that it saves you time and money. You don’t have to lift any furniture to get it outside. We can do it all for you.
pickup truck carrying mattresses and carpets

Appliance Removal

It can be difficult for someone to dispose of an old appliance that is not working.If you don’t receive any offers, you could sell the item on Craigslist. You could also be stuck if someone arrives at your home with cash only to find that someone else has already done it.Getting rid of old appliances can be a hassle. First, you need to have the energy and time to get rid of them. Then, you must figure out what to do.We make it simple for you by handling all the details. We will either give it to one our designated charities partners or send it to a recycling facility to properly remove and dispose of the parts.We not only will haul away the junk from your business or home, but we also offer junk disposal services.The hassle and anxiety of getting rid off unwanted items is eliminated with our junk removal service. Our junk removal service will pick up all your unwanted appliances free of charge, so you don’t risk losing any money.
old appliances outside in street before trash pickup

Commercial Junk Removal

The removal of commercial junk is an integral part of any business. It helps to keep your workspace and production bay tidy, well-organized, and clutter-free.The quality of your workplace will increase productivity. It allows them to have easy access and gives the production team room for creativity.But being in business or the commercial sector means you generate more waste. These wastes won’t disappear overnight. You need to eliminate them. However, it can be expensive and stressful.It’s hard to find a company that will quickly remove commercial junk at an affordable price. We are experts because we have been there.We’re the right solution for you. Our professional team will dispatch a team member to your location immediately after you call. You don’t have to worry about large items like refrigerators or pianos being removed by our trucks. It won’t take us long to handle it. Our team is capable of handling any job.
messy construction site with tires and lumber


Full-house cleanouts may be difficult, especially for elderly family members and those with young children. Most families want to protect their belongings while having their junk items removed from their home.Cleanouts will be a thing of the past! We are proud to say that our staff can help you with junk removal and care for valuable possessions. Additionally, our technicians are trained to listen to our customers and take care of all your valuable items.Our team is available to provide quick, reliable, efficient and cost-effective cleanout service for all our customers. The size of your house will affect the time it takes for us to clean out the entire house. The house will take longer to clean out if it is large. As a sustainable business, we reduce waste by sorting out junk and donating items that are still valuable to others.Call us or make an online appointment to schedule a cleaning appointment. We’ll provide the best service possible in the shortest time.
pile of appliances from cleaning out apartment complex

Electronic Waste Disposal

The fastest-growing segment of our landfills is electronic waste. This is not good for the environment. The chemical leakage from batteries can set fire to the environment or mix with water sources, which could pose health risks. It is important to know how to dispose of electronic waste responsibly to avoid this happening.Our electronic junk removal service can help you get rid of your old electronics and other unwanted items safely and responsibly. We will visit your business or home to remove any items and recycle working parts, as well as dispose of hazardous materials. We are available to help with the removal of your E-Waste.Our electronic waste disposal services are quick and affordable. Our services are fast and affordable, and we are fully trained by Texas. Our electronics recycling services are available for both home and business. Do not just toss out your old computers, printers, phones, etc. Let us handle them for you at an unbelievable price!Our low pricing makes us a great choice, whether you’re looking for homeowners or small business owners.
dumpster full of metal and electronic equipment

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Got some popcorn ceiling that needs to be removed? We are the best professionals to call for popcorn ceiling removal!

Our popcorn ceiling removal service in Pembroke FL is available to anyone who needs a little help removing the old texture. Our tools and techniques allow for more than enough coverage to anyone’s needs.

We also offer a popcorn ceiling painting service in Pembroke FL, so if you want your ceilings looking pristine again, give the experts at DFW Painting a call today!

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Service

We are the #1 provider of residential & commercial walls & ceilings services. Trust us with all of your painting needs!

We are a fully trained and insured company that specializes in interior/exterior paint jobs on both new construction and renovation projects. Our paint crew is trained professionals who understand what it takes to make an environment stand out. We provide washable paints which are eco-, giving our customers the choice to pick the paint that works best for them.

If you are interested in adding value to your home, then our exterior house painters are the team for you! With over 15 years of experience painting homes, we have mastered our craft to perfection. We understand all aspects of prepping a surface before applying paint and how important it is to make sure it’s done correctly. Our primary goal is customer satisfaction while providing quality service at an affordable price.

We can also paint or wallpaper over your textured ceilings. We provide our clients with the highest quality of service and satisfaction, at an affordable price you can afford! Popcorn ceiling removal is something we know how to take care of!

Our popcorn ceiling removal professionals are ready to help you today! Give us a call at our hotline for more information about our services, or to schedule an appointment with one of our popcorn ceiling removal experts. All calls are 100% free!

man scraping off popcorn-textured ceiling

Construction Cleanup

Construction debris removal can be challenging and time-consuming. Even if you’re an expert in the field of construction, getting rid of any leftover debris can be difficult. Excess concrete, drywall and wood can be time-consuming and difficult to get rid of.Worry no more as we are here to provide you with excellent construction debris removal services! Give us a call after you have completed remodeling or building your home. Our team of skilled technicians will handle all of the construction debris.The professional haulers at our company will ensure that all building debris is removed safely and efficiently. They have been trained in the handling of demolition debris like frames, wallboard, flooring and flooring.You can book this service by calling us. Online bookings are also possible. We offer same-day service to meet your construction debris hauling demands immediately.
pile of crumbled concrete, drywall, and debris
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Our Approach

Junk can result from various human activities as well as natural phenomena, business operations and construction and manufacturing processes. One would never have thought that simply buying new furniture and appliances would lead to the creation of junk. Unwanted junk can be accumulated in storage areas, even if it’s a human impulse to buy new models or better versions.

This is how we can manage it.

Our company offers a range of junk removal and cleaning services. Each person has limited space, so every inch should be utilized for important purposes and not cluttered with junk or furniture we don’t use.

We offer junk removal and professional cleaning services that deal with different types of waste. Also, we manage the safe, legal and proper disposal. Our responsibility extends beyond the lifting, hauling, and disposal of your junk. We have to maximize the potential of each kind of waste so that we can reduce the number of landfills.

Frequently asked questions
Our junk removal prices are based on how many items your items take up on our trucks. Give us a call to receive a quote on our junk removal services. Once we have assessed your junk, our technicians can provide you with a free quote. If you are unhappy with our rates, you can always decline our service.
You have several options to book your junk hauling appointment. Call our call center to book your appointment. We offer same-day service to help you remove junk as soon as possible.
Yes, junk removal is available on weekends as well as holidays. We are here to help you with your junk removal needs every day. You can call us or book online to have your junk removed.
Items of various sizes and weights can be disposed of by our staff. They are equipped to handle bulky items like refrigerators, water heaters or vehicles. They can also take out small items like books, vehicle parts, trash, and more. No matter the size of your junk, our technicians can take it away!
Yes. Our trained technicians are qualified to offer full house cleaning services. Call us or book an appointment online to schedule a time that is convenient for you. It is important to note that it will take our technicians a certain amount of time to clean your entire house. The full house cleaning will take longer if your house is large.
Some junk items are not accepted. Because they can be dangerous to transport, junk items such as oil cans are not accepted. Hazardous materials such as gasoline, chemicals, infectious and hazardous waste, asbestos, and gasoline are also not accepted. These are materials that must be properly disposed of in specialized areas.
Our team of certified technicians has the ability to save items that are still valuable. We will donate items that can still be used to our partner institutions. Recyclable items will be given to the local recycling centers. So, we will have fewer items in our landfills.
Our technicians and workers will remove all junk from your house and load them on our trucks. Simply tell us which junk you wish to dispose of. You don’t have to lift a finger as our team can do all the heavy lifting.
There are many sizes to choose from in our trucks. We can match your requirements with the truck we have. We have trucks that can hold 16 cubic yard. These trucks can carry large pieces of furniture like couches and beds. Similar to the larger trucks, we are able to provide smaller trucks for junk hauling jobs that require less bulky appliances or smaller residential areas.
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